CyclePower is dedicated to providing Australian seniors affordable and stable electric tricycles to help live a fit and healthy life.

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  • "After 3 1/2 yrs in a wheelchair, I had to learn to ride again. Wow what a tryke! Not a thing to complain about. Congratulations on putting together such a great machine. Thank You." Jasmine,QLD.

  • "Tanya and I had our first ride on one of these amazing power-assisted bikes. I have to say, one ride and you'll be hooked. They cost not much more than a standard road bike, and not as expensive as you may think." Blake, Qld.

  • "I purchased an electric trike from you about a year and a half ago. It's been great! I love it and use it every day. As a matter of interest, I had a mount put on the back for a baby seat (so I can take the seat on and off) and my 2 year old daughter has been riding with me - she loves it, and I never would have been able to ride and balance with her on the back of a bicycle." Kate, NSW.

  • "Being deprived of the trike is a salutary experience. It is remarkable how much I have come to depend upon the trike for bulky shopping and ‘general transport' tasks - locally and out to about a 15 km radius of home. We don’t have that many hills around here, but the trike kills those we do, and pretty much neutralises our strong sea breezes. It’s a great machine for taking local excursions in (picnic basket and Eski in the back). And that ‘independent’ front wheel gives terrific stability, whether loaded or not.
    I see a lot of "not that disabled" people on those golf-cart things around here, and I reckon the trike would be a superior alternative for many of them, as well as for our many ‘cycling shoppers’." Mark, NSW

Value for you riding the CyclePower Electric Tricycle:

  • 1. Balancing on 3 wheels is easier than balancing on 2 wheels
  • 2. Our unique leaning frame gives you greater steering control
  • 3. Its possible to ride again after many years and even for the 1st time
  • 4. Helps improve circulation
  • 5. Staying fit improves health and energy levels

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Pedal Assist Electric Bicycles

Motor input is activated while pedalling. It feels like cycling with 'tail wind'.

In pedal assist mode, also known as PAS, the trike senses the torque applied while pedalling and the motor kicks in as needed to help the rider making it easier to pedal uplhills or for long rides.

In Australia, a licence is not required and the legal (on road) power limit is 250 watts based on the European standard adopted by Australia, EN15194.

Our trikes comply with Australian standards and travel up to 50kms on a fully charged battery. Recharge is about 3-4 hours and the batteries are able to be removed from the trike, giving an option to recharge the battery on or off the trike.

The batteries are Panasonic lithium iron, the latest in battery technology, and have a longer lifespan with about 1,000 recharges. We provide12 months warranty on the battery.

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